The benefit of selling private label clothing

selling private label clothing

Women’s intimate apparel, men’s underwear, men’s bottoms, women’s denim, and men’s underwear are some of the top-selling private label clothes. Launching your private label brand should start with finding a professional manufacturer to make high-quality clothes for you. There are many benefits to creating your private label products.

­ Unique products

One of the greatest benefits of having a private label is being able to offer your customers unique apparel that your customers will buy. You will be able to establish your private brand like commercial brands, but this will need a bit of marketing to grow sales.

­ Slow fashion

Manufacturing private label requires a time investment. It will take time to find a quality manufacturer for your private label. It will also take time to make your first garment sample and to ship your products. You can start by diversifying your clothing supply chain by sourcing. You can buy 60% of your clothes from wholesalers and manufacture the remaining 40%.

­ Small batch order quantities

You will be able to choose the order quantity with enough freedom when using the right resource. You will get most manufacturers with minimum order requirements, but you can find some manufacturers with very low minimum orders. You can even find manufacturers starting from 20 product units. Domestic apparel manufacturers are also popping up. You will, however, pay a higher price for each unit when working with a domestic factory than overseas factory. You can lower your risk by manufacturing your private label since you can make products in small quantities and see how they sell then make other orders later when the batch sells out.

­ Increase your profits

You can increase your profits with private label clothing because of buying directly from the manufacturer. You won’t have to pay the manufacturer price plus the wholesale commission. For example, you can pay $20 a product from a wholesaler. The 18$ will go to a wholesaler while the remaining $2 will go to the manufacturer of the dress. This means you can save money by getting the dress from the manufacturer.

­ 100% product control

Having a private label clothing line will give you the benefit of having the final say on the appearance of your dress before selling it to customers because you will be the designer of the product. You will control the design details of the cloth.